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About Us

The mission of Fevered Imagination is to promote and showcase the finest collection of artists’ books, serving as a platform for emerging and established artists to display their work. Our online gallery is dedicated to promoting the understanding of the beauty and significance of the artist’s book as an art form.

We strive to connect artists and book enthusiasts from all over the world, with a particular focus on UK-based artists. Our goal is to create a vibrant community that fosters appreciation for the art of the book and helps to sustain and develop this unique form of artistic expression.

Fevered Imagination was inspired by many discussions with book artists in the UK, centering around their frustration with the lack of awareness about their art, and the difficulties of engaging an audience through static exhibitions. 

Books in general, and artists books in particular are made to be handled and appreciated through direct interaction. The structure and texture of the pages, the sound as they are opened or moved, the unfolding of a story or a concept: these are all integral to the experience of the art-form.  

In this gallery you can find videos of artists presenting their books to you, describing with passion their inspiration, the construction methods and often some hidden secrets. Together with detailed images, we hope that you will be able to sense something of the live experience of each book.

All books on this site are for sale. Some are one-off works of art, some are editions. You are invited to correspond through this site with artists if you need more information.

Artists: please read our conditions for acceptance of books for display on this site.

Buyers and collectors: please read our conditions of sale.

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