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Artists are listed by the most recent to register with Fevered Imagination. You can select each image to see biographies and further information about each one, and to see the artists books they are exhibiting in this gallery.

Frances Staniforth

About the artist Find me on Instagram A copy of one of the books and a related zine are in the artist book archives Plymouth University library …

Marilyn Tippett

About the artist See my website Recent exhibitions include “Crafted” at the Knowsley gallery, two exhibitions ( as part of a group exhibit) at t…

Tony Broad

Spirit Animals

Hilke Kurzke

My books may have hidden compartments where a perceptive reader can find additional, secret information about what is going on in a story. I have hidden whole pieces of (book) art in libraries an…

Mireille Ribiere

Mireille Ribiere My work is often jury-selected for group exhibitions in the UK and abroad. Since 2021, for instance, it has been shown in the US, UK, Portugal, France, Australia… It features in…

Pat Hodson

In my latest circular book-forms I am interested in how repetition of pattern and colour creates integrity to the form. I mix materials, techniques, and technologies – continually searching for n…

Batool Showghi

Batool Showghi All books from this artist in our gallery

Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson All books from this artist in our gallery

Joan Higgins

Joan Higgins Most of my work has text but I think a narrative can be conjured up through creativity and imagination and does not have to be explicit. I make small editions or one off books by hand…

Bernard Fairhurst

Bernard Fairhurst All books from this artist in our gallery

Frances Day

Frances Day All books from this artist in our gallery

Antoinette Moorby

Antoinette Moorby All books from this artist in our gallery