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Bernard Fairhurst

Bernard is a contemporary fine artist who makes books to delight, amuse and provoke, with due respect to a considered aesthetic and crafted production.  Bernard’s books blend a serious message with a sense of humour which may initially appear to be little jokes, delicious, light, and funny, but slowly other agendas emerge, to pose and probe serious questions, interrogating the hypocrisies inherent in negotiating a way through modern society. They range from deep and meaningful to wry interpretations of the mundane but with a certain irreverence, reflection or meta-analysis; dead-pan and slightly unhinged.

All books from this artist in our gallery

Gathered Gatherings

… mundane collections of fairly incidental items become imbued with intrinsic meaning […]

Eh is not for Apple

A handmade second edition of an earlier handmade book which was processed into an online printed limited edition made in response to the theme Alphabet.