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Frances Day

A computer systems engineer by profession, a scientist by education and an artist by passion, I try to join these threads of my life into my love of artists books. I aim to bring my joy of discovery of the natural world in an exciting way to engage people who may not naturally engage with science. Much of my work is digitally created, and I love to use complex structures to enhance the content of my books. I am a member of Stroud Artists Books, and The Bookband, as well as belonging to the Gloucestershire Print Co-operative, all of which inform my work and provide me with endless support and inspiration.

All books from this artist in our gallery


Inspired by an animated gif, I wanted this book to move in a unique way

No Thing So Ordinary

There is no thing so ordinary that its contemplation cannot lead to a wordless sense of wonder and gratitude just to be part of it all

The Persistence of Life

A little book about mass extinction and the hope for life

Nothing Matters

Nothing Matters is an existential crisis of a book. Its subject matter is ‘Nothing’ and it is made so that nothing is as you would expect: the pages can be outside the covers, or inside, and can swivel to be in any orientation. The making is exposed – cord and tape bindings, a hand-made headband forms the swivel binding joint. One section is sewn askew. The contents have the usual sections found in a book: contents, epilogue, colophon, chapter headings, diagrams, text and so on, but none are in the correct places. Mostly it is light-hearted, but there are some nuggets about the importance of Nothing as a philosophical and numerical construct. Mostly, I had a lot of fun making it.