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Joan Higgins

I am a Book Artist and Printmaker. I am inspired by words and language, by landscape and by personal memories. The source of my work may come from a phrase or even a fully formed sentence. The narrative and story telling are vital to me – the words come first, then the imagery and structure.

Most of my work has text but I think a narrative can be conjured up through creativity and imagination and does not have to be explicit. I make small editions or one off books by hand. I respect and value traditional bookmaking and bookbinding traditions but do not feel constrained by them. I am a Social Scientist by background and have worked in Universities, the NHS and the Law. In recent years I have studied textiles, bookmaking and printmaking at City Lit, London and West Dean, Sussex. I also took up a residency at the Scuola Grafica in Venice in 2018. I was awarded an MA in Visual Arts (Book Arts), with distinction, from the University of the Arts, London in 2019. I have shown my work in various galleries and at Book Fairs in the UK.

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The Alchemy of the Bog

… the dark acid soil and the fossils and treasures which are enveloped in the damp earth over many centuries – skeletons, tools, even preserved butter