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Mireille Ribiere

I use digital photography for image-making. My books emphasize the complexity of what we see and experience by combining and layering text and images, and by using techniques and materials such as collages, reflections, light-boxes, and translucent paper. There is undoubtedly continuity in my work but each book is distinctive, as I experiment anew with techniques and materials for every project to achieve an attractive dynamic between form and content. The tension or friction between the constituent elements of the final artwork opens up different ways of seeing.

My work is often jury-selected for group exhibitions in the UK and abroad. Since 2021, for instance, it has been shown in the US, UK, Portugal, France, Australia… It features in several publications, and is now in private and public collections. For further details about me and my work see, and All of my books to date, except ‘Turn & Turn About’ which I have only just completed, are documented in detail on my website. I am in the process of creating leaf-through videos of most of the works listed.

All books from this artist in our gallery

Of Riches & Rags – A Reading of the Financial Times

When making the book, the challenge was to create a coherent, eye-catching and thought-provoking sequence out of what might first appear as random images.