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Artists are listed by the most recent to register with Fevered Imagination. You can select each image to see biographies and further information about each one, and to see the artists books they are exhibiting in this gallery.

Frances Staniforth

My art practice involves drawing, printmaking, votive objects and poetry- prose. Recently I have integrated all of these processes in a limited edition artist book. My ongoing research investigates the landscape features and artefacts from prehistory when, as far as we can know, the making of art for cultural, spiritual and aesthetic purposes was integrated into everyday life. I am interested in why and how we attach meanings and significance to places and objects. My work is informed by the Bronze and Neolithic remains on Dartmoor (where I live), museum archives and archaeological texts.

Marilyn Tippett

I have been a practising book artist for over 15 years, having studied with Lin Charlston in Shropshire. I helped found the Marches Book Artists group, and currently coordinate North West Book Artists who meet in Liverpool. My own practice is a mixture of responses to outside stimulae, including requests for exhibition pieces. I strive to shine a light on current and historical social issues, with particular reference to women, and enjoy working with natural materials and experimenting with colour and structure. My work may be stand alone books or short limited editions. I also enjoy collaborative working within book art groups.

Tony Broad

I am a multi-disciplinary, award wining artist, with special interests in printmaking and producing artists book-work. I have been actively engaged in creating artists book-works for more than five years and their production is a key element in my practice. I enjoy using found objects and creating a sculptural book-works. The transformation of two-dimensional pages into a three-dimensional space is a recurrent and evolving theme in my latest work. Living so close to the tidal Thames I have recently been concentrating on the docks and waterways of the London Basin.

Hilke Kurzke

I am a book artist, writer and printmaker. Languages and their encoding, and how this relates to culture; what we do not mention, and what we hide in how we speak … all this is endlessly fascinating to me. Taboos and underlying expectations especially with regards to women and motherhood are interesting to me. And I am exploring what makes us see “the other” in a person and how this relates to identity and how we speak about ourselves and these others. I work through books written in plain as well as secret script, with book sculptures and performances, and also by hiding artwork within enclosures that have to be destroyed to find out what’s inside – or maybe to leave intact and never to find out.

Mireille Ribiere

I use digital photography for image-making. My books emphasize the complexity of what we see and experience by combining and layering text and images, and by using techniques and materials such as collages, reflections, light-boxes, and translucent paper. There is undoubtedly continuity in my work but each book is distinctive, as I experiment anew with techniques and materials for every project to achieve an attractive dynamic between form and content. The tension or friction between the constituent elements of the final artwork opens up different ways of seeing.

Pat Hodson

Currently, I make wall based artworks, unique book objects, and multiples in small numbers – combining hand with digital process. A book is somewhere I can ‘draw out’ a visual idea into a sequence, where each page becomes a fragment of the whole. In some books, the story, pattern symmetry or repetition, within the page dominates. In others I experiment with the form of the book, exploiting the sculptural possibilities of the book-form.

Batool Showghi

Batool Showghi’s multidisciplinary approach to the artist’s book and her mixed media work involve photography, illustration, painting, and textiles. All of which are employed to explore themes of cultural heritage, memory, identity, and loss in very personal ways. Her work is concerned with the experience of women and the way in which this experience relates to cultural and religious boundaries as well as reflecting on the theme of turbulence, immigration, disintegration of the family and the experience of displacement. In response to the recent uprising of Iranian women, Batool has created a series of textile works around the theme of Struggle and Rise of Women.

Paul Johnson

I make unique sculptural pop-up books using brilliant industrial textile dyes with added pen and ink work and gold leaf inlays. The inspiration for my work comes from medieval illuminated manuscripts and stained glass, the decorative arts of South East Asia, the golden age of children’s book illustration and the architecture of Antoni Gaudi.

Joan Higgins

I am a Book Artist and Printmaker. I am inspired by words and language, by landscape and by personal memories. The source of my work may come from a phrase or even a fully formed sentence. The narrative and story telling are vital to me – the words come first, then the imagery and structure.

Bernard Fairhurst

Bernard is a contemporary fine artist who makes books to delight, amuse and provoke, with due respect to a considered aesthetic and crafted production.  Bernard’s books blend a serious message with a sense of humour which may initially appear to be little jokes, delicious, light, and funny, but slowly other agendas emerge, to pose and probe serious questions, interrogating the hypocrisies inherent in negotiating a way through modern society. They range from deep and meaningful to wry interpretations of the mundane but with a certain irreverence, reflection or meta-analysis; dead-pan and slightly unhinged.

Frances Day

A computer systems engineer by profession, a scientist by education and an artist by passion, I try to join these threads of my life into my love of artists books. I aim to bring my joy of discovery of the natural world in an exciting way to engage people who may not naturally engage with science. Much of my work is digitally created, and I love to use complex structures to enhance the content of my books. I am a member of Stroud Artists Books, and The Bookband, as well as belonging to the Gloucestershire Print Co-operative, all of which inform my work and provide me with endless support and inspiration.

Antoinette Moorby

After a career in design education I discovered book binding and from there to the world of artists books. My inspiration comes from many sources – literary, scientific, historic and the abstract. My work can sometimes be described as quirky and including a touch of whimsy. I enjoy creating works which include movement or an element of surprise and exploring different structures and book forms from the traditional to those which sometimes challenge the viewer’s perception of what a book is or should be. I am keen to match the subject or theme of a book to its form