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22 Mar, 2022 —  10 May, 2022


Absences is a flash fiction story about a woman noticing missing items. Different explanations are sought, with a surprising twist in the end.

A6, accordion book. pages and covers hand decorated with gesso and acrylics using stencils, text handwritten. The paper from which the pages are made is toned, and the white background is painted on with gesso – with shapes missed out, showing the shape of a missing fork, knife, spoon, … The text is handwritten using pastel pencils in two colours for the two speakers in this dialogue. Absences is the title of my own flash fiction story: A woman speaks with a police officer about mysterious disappearances in her flat. – The ending is surprising, funny, and a little sad too. About estrangement in marriage, or about paying attention to details, and about routines can make us lose sight of the bigger picture.

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The ending is surprising, funny, and a little sad too
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