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22 Mar, 2022 —  10 May, 2022


After seeing a gif that described the motion of elements in the Fibonacci sequence as they describe a circle, I knew I had to make a book that did the same thing.

This is a series of books from 1 cm square to 21 cm square, joined together in a manner that allows them to be moved to mimic the gif. Each book has a fold-out that contains an image that has been generated from two or more natural objects that display a Fibonacci sequence as a major characteristic: the largest is an overlay of hurricanes, and the smallest is a butterfly’s egg. 

The covers of the “pages” are made from copies of Fibonacci’s first book in which he describes many mathematical philosophies, and in which he introduced Arabic numerals to replace the Roman system that was used in Europe. He was responsible for revolutionising commerce and mathematics in Europe with knowledge he gained through extensive travel in Asia. 

The set of books pack into a hand made box that opens to provide a platform on which the books can be rotated.

The images are digitally printed on paper and on translucent velum, and the covers are of bookcloth.

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Inspired by an animated gif, I wanted this book to move in a unique way