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Pockets for Women

22 Mar, 2022 —  10 May, 2022
Pockets for Women

Pockets for Women

This is a concertina book with folded origami pockets made from specially selected papers. Each pocket contains a quote on the subject of women and/or pockets, some amusing and some thought-provoking. There has been much debate of late around the subject of women’s clothing and its lack of pockets, entailing a need to carry bags of some sort. This especially came to light around the time of Covid 19, when cash was hardly used and a credit or debut card was all that was needed, and who needs a handbag for that? It turns out that women have been thinking about the need for pockets for many years, and the quotations I found inspired me to make this book, which has been very well-received, mostly by women of course! It is a part of my practice looking at women’s issues in general, although hopefully in a playful manner. A variable unlimited edition.

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A concertina book with origami pockets