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Walls and Surfaces

22 Mar, 2022 —  10 May, 2022
No Thing So Ordinary

Walls and Surfaces

A handmade book made recreating walls & surfaces of my town Ahvaz after the war. My multidisciplinary approach to the artists’ book and other mixed media work involve photography, illustration, painting and textiles. All of which are employed to explore themes of cultural heritage, memory, identity and loss in very personal ways.
Handmade artist’s book. Manipulated photographs, collage, printing and painting and other imagery with textiles and stitching. Size: 16 x 15.5 cm, when opened 203 cm x 16 x 1 cm. New Edition 3/10

The silent walls
Within those walls I learned to be
Those walls echoed
My grandparents’ whispers
The childhood memories
With The hot summer days
The stary nights
With my gaze
Touching the surfaces
Glimpses of beautiful colours
Voices in the dust
The sound of the palm leaves in the wind
The wings of sparrows soaring off
Time stopped
When the war came
Everyone left –
My father all alone in the house
His companion his old radio

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Handmade book made recreating walls & surfaces of my town Ahvaz after the war