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Exhibition Category: Boxed


Frances Staniforth Fragments 22 Mar, 2022 10 May, 2022 Fragments Materials: Copper plates for the 13 etchings Hahnemühle paper for etching prints. Card folder. [G.F.Smith ’Power Blue’ 300 gsm]. Copper wire braids Jute string tie. Fragment of shaped sheep bone. Tracing paper [100 g/m] Archival interleaving tissue sheets. Off white cartridge paper [160 gsm] Structure:Fragments is a book in loose leaf form. Each book has 13 limited edition etchings. The etchings are inked, and wiped by hand. Edition numbers 1-13 of the book include a copper etching plate. Edition numbers 14-26 are the same...

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The Smiley Oracle

Hilke Kurzke The Smiley Oracle 22 Mar, 2022 10 May, 2022 The Smiley Oracle The Smiley Oracle works like this: You pose a question, you open the book at a random page, and you see a smiley (well, not all of them are actually smiling). This face is then interpreted as an answer to your question. With this work I wanted to investigate the relation between the contents of a book, and how they can vary from reader to reader. The Smiley Oracle is a toy, and a book art object. The edition is limited to 16. The books are numbered and signed. Each one has a unique combination of colours. Together...

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Pat Hodson Glisten 22 Mar, 2022 10 May, 2022 Glisten 2 : A book and Box. 40 pages, translucent pages, collaged, pierced and punched; Covers of waxed collage, and exposed spine with featured thread work Size 17.3 x 13cm Brown wrapping paper as a base for the waxed or ‘encaustic’ collage on the surface of the box and book. For this technique, thin paper is laid down using hot wax and an iron. Shapes are built up, burnished and polished. They might be overlaid, etched or carved. The paper for the pages is made by pasting together two layers of very thin abaca tissue – a strong...

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The Persistence of Life

Frances Day The Persistence of Life The Persistence of Life I started to make a book based on the great mass extinctions in the history of the Earth.  I decided on the format of a “border book” so that the tale of the extinctions is described on small pages in the centre, but the structure then opens up into a big picture, which shows the wheel of Evolution and our tiny place in the taxonomy of life.   The images are manipulated from photographs taken at the volcanic geysers and sink holes in Yellowstone National Park although the colours there are so vivid I didn’t need to...

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No Thing So Ordinary

Frances Day No Thing So Ordinary 22 Mar, 2022 10 May, 2022 No Thing So Ordinary This book is inspired by a quotation from the physicist Lee Smolin and features digitally created images of ordinary things, such as water and magnetic fields, and highlights quotations from other scientists over the centuries who have found wonder, joy and inspiration from the study of such things. Printed on Bockingford watercolour paper, this book is bound with a piano hinge that disassembles to reveal a hidden internal structure and message.  The hinge is a glass test tube, which is to be filled by the...

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