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Exhibition Category: Large book


Batool Showghi Fragments 22 Mar, 2022 10 May, 2022 Fragments Exploring themes of cultural heritage, memory, identity and loss in very personal ways. Creating and constructing a family album based on my impressions from home and my town Ahvaz in Iran. Handmade artist’s book. Manipulated photographs, collage and other imagery with textile and stitching. Size: 15.5 x 21 x 1 cm. When opened 243 cm x 15.5 cm New Edition 1/10 Buy this book Book price £450 Post and packing £20 Insurance £10 Total inclusive price £480 Please note that clicking the PayPal button below will take you...

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The Persistence of Life

Frances Day The Persistence of Life The Persistence of Life I started to make a book based on the great mass extinctions in the history of the Earth.  I decided on the format of a “border book” so that the tale of the extinctions is described on small pages in the centre, but the structure then opens up into a big picture, which shows the wheel of Evolution and our tiny place in the taxonomy of life.   The images are manipulated from photographs taken at the volcanic geysers and sink holes in Yellowstone National Park although the colours there are so vivid I didn’t need to...

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Frances Day Fibonacci 22 Mar, 2022 10 May, 2022 Fibonacci After seeing a gif that described the motion of elements in the Fibonacci sequence as they describe a circle, I knew I had to make a book that did the same thing. This is a series of books from 1 cm square to 21 cm square, joined together in a manner that allows them to be moved to mimic the gif. Each book has a fold-out that contains an image that has been generated from two or more natural objects that display a Fibonacci sequence as a major characteristic: the largest is an overlay of hurricanes, and the smallest is a butterfly’s...

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Antoinette Moorby Winged 22 Mar, 2022 10 May, 2022 Winged This was the first book I produced for The Bookband Art collaboration. I completed an online workshop with the London Drawing Centre on Matisse, looking at the way he used cut paper shapes to create art works. Following further research into his work I discovered his cut out and simplified bird shapes. I decided to take this idea and used different sizes and shapes of triangle to create my own birds. I wanted to incorporate movement into this book and so landed on the idea of pop-up and a flock of birds taking flight. The book...

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