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Exhibition Category: Sewn binding


Marilyn Tippett Autumn 22 Mar, 2022 10 May, 2022 Autumn Buy this book Book price £55 Post and packing £4 Insurance £2 Total inclusive price £61 Marilyn Tippett Artist Please note that clicking the PayPal button below will take you directly to a shopping cart on the PayPal site. You do not need a PayPal login and you can pay by any usually accepted method. Previous Book Next Book

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Hilke Kurzke Folklórico 22 Mar, 2022 10 May, 2022 The edition is digitally reproduced from a prototype with screen-printed background pages, with the text flowing in bubbles over the page and a cover from stitched together warp-faced woven bands.The story is told in the form of a screenplay and its main character is Isabella from Sheffield. She just finished school, and it’s her dream to make it as a contemporary dancer, while her parents would prefer for her to go to university and study – maybe law. When her grandmother dies, she leaves her a task which leads to Isabella...

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The Smiley Oracle

Hilke Kurzke The Smiley Oracle 22 Mar, 2022 10 May, 2022 The Smiley Oracle The Smiley Oracle works like this: You pose a question, you open the book at a random page, and you see a smiley (well, not all of them are actually smiling). This face is then interpreted as an answer to your question. With this work I wanted to investigate the relation between the contents of a book, and how they can vary from reader to reader. The Smiley Oracle is a toy, and a book art object. The edition is limited to 16. The books are numbered and signed. Each one has a unique combination of colours. Together...

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Hilke Kurzke Absences 22 Mar, 2022 10 May, 2022 Absences A6, accordion book. pages and covers hand decorated with gesso and acrylics using stencils, text handwritten. The paper from which the pages are made is toned, and the white background is painted on with gesso – with shapes missed out, showing the shape of a missing fork, knife, spoon, … The text is handwritten using pastel pencils in two colours for the two speakers in this dialogue. Absences is the title of my own flash fiction story: A woman speaks with a police officer about mysterious disappearances in her flat....

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Pat Hodson Traces 22 Mar, 2022 10 May, 2022 Traces I am interested in how interference colour changes when it is overprinted with inkjet colour. I could not directly apply the colour to the paper then print over this as it is an acrylic based medium, and is water resistent when dry, so the liquid ink might pool and smear on the surface, so in advance of forming the paper collage for the pages, I prepared several sheets of layered abaca papers and painted the colour on to this, then used shapes cut from the different colours to incorporate into the collage. Each double page in the book...

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Pat Hodson Glisten 22 Mar, 2022 10 May, 2022 Glisten 2 : A book and Box. 40 pages, translucent pages, collaged, pierced and punched; Covers of waxed collage, and exposed spine with featured thread work Size 17.3 x 13cm Brown wrapping paper as a base for the waxed or ‘encaustic’ collage on the surface of the box and book. For this technique, thin paper is laid down using hot wax and an iron. Shapes are built up, burnished and polished. They might be overlaid, etched or carved. The paper for the pages is made by pasting together two layers of very thin abaca tissue – a strong...

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