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Information for Artists

Information for Artists

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How to exhibit your artists’ books in our gallery

If you are new to Fevered Imagination, we ask that you first register with us and provide basic information about yourself. (Please read our privacy policy – we share no data with third parties).

Once you have registered, you can submit your work for exhibition and sale. It is essential that you provide a video of your work being handled and described, together with some still images and a detailed description, including how and why you made the piece, and of course the selling price.

We have a very detailed document with full information about how this works which you can  view or download from the button below.  You can also  read our FAQs to get a quick overview.


We have prepared a list of frequently asked questions which we hope will help, but if you don’t find what you are looking for, please read our full document for artists.

Important: when you submit your work you will be asked to read and consent to our full  Terms and Conditions. This is a legally binding document, please read it carefully.

If you still have any questions, please email us. We hope that after you have taken a look around the website you will see how things work.


If you have read all the advice and information provided here and want to proceed to exhibit your artists books in the gallery, please register using the link below.

If you are already registered, you can submit artists books through the button in the Terms & Conditions section below.

The Legal Part

Terms and Conditions

It is very important that you understand our full terms and conditions. Please read this document thoroughly.

If you are ready, please click the button below to start a submission.