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Information for Buyers

Information for Buyers

How do I buy an artist’s book?

The artists’ books exhibited in our gallery are for sale wherever you see a link to buy against the work. The post and packaging costs are added to the price and are clearly shown up front, so no surprises at checkout.

We charge the artist a commission and the balance is remitted to them after the work has been received by you. 

You can  see a list FAQs on this page, and  read the legal Terms and Conditions.


Please read our FAQs to understand the basic of how the buying process works. If you still have a question,  please contact us.

What are your return policies

If you feel the book does not meet the expectations set by the online gallery, you must report that to Fevered imagination immediately. You have two weeks in which to return the book to the artist. The cost and postage will be refunded only as long as the book is returned in perfect condition. Fevered Imagination will act as intermediary between you and the artist to discuss the matter.

What do I do if the book is damaged on receipt?

You can return a damaged book within two weeks for a full refund of the price and postage costs. However, you may wish to discuss the possibility that the artist could repair or replace the item, and Fevered Imagination will liaise between the parties to come to an agreement on this.

How are payments handled?

Payment for all items through the online gallery are handled securely through PayPal. You can use any payment method to complete the transaction. We do not collect any data about you at our website and do not retain any personal or financial information.

How soon will my book arrive?

The artist should post your item by a fully tracked service immediately after receiving notice of purchase. You will be notified of the postage with tracking details. If it has not been received within one week, please notify us with the tracking information.

How are postage costs calculated?

We charge a standard rate for items shipped within the UK, which includes a fully tracked service and insurance to cover loss or damage. Occasionally a book may exceed the specifications for this service, in which case we will notify you of any changes in cost.

Do you post items outside the UK?

We welcome international buyers. There is a £12 additional fee for international postage. All items will be mailed as priority items with full tracking and insurance.

How are purchases handled?

When you select and purchase a book, your payment will be handled by our secure online gateway. When the order is received, the artist will package your book appropriately and send it to you by one of our preferred couriers.

Once the work is received, we ask that you check that it is in good condition and as described on our site. You have 14 days from receipt of the book in which to return it if it fails to meet these specifications. We ask that you contact us immediately in case of problems which we will resolve in a timely manner.  We require that you acknowledge that you have read our  Terms and Conditions for Buyers before buying.

If Any Details Are Still Unclear

Please ensure that you have read our [links] policy document, our FAQs and our Terms and Conditions.  In case you have further questions, please [link] contact us.

What is included in the price?

The price of the artist’s book is set by the artist. The post and packaging charges are added to this price and paid by the buyer (refunded in case of returns). There are no other costs.

What payment do you accept?

All sales are handled through our payments gateway which accepts all usual credit and debit cards, and PayPal or other online payment methods. We collect no information on our site. [link] You can read our privacy policy here.

Can I return an artist’s book?

If an artist’s book is received in a damaged state, or it is very different from how it was presented in the gallery, you can return the work within 14 days for a full refund, including the postage and packing charges. All communication about returns must be conducted through Fevered Imagination. 

Why Fevered Imagination?

The name comes from how the concept was developed from brainstorming with other book artists. We are unique in what we offer and our ambition is to promote artists books beyond the niche that it currently occupies.